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When I first started to create images back in 2003, I used PhotoImpact. The first images here are a very small selection of what I've made.

But in January 2014 a bought new computer with W7 and forced myself to learn PaintshopPro. It wasn't easy to switch! humre Big thanks to Beginners Workshop for PSP. The mentors there are all devoted and very helpfull!

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PhotoImpact Images



cake door stainedglass elephant fire



iris lanscapebw landscapeart landscapeart
liva morten stained rosebud roy2010
raabjerg straw westershore  
  Mostly all from 2014 are BW for PSP (see above)  
calla dragonfly duckcouple oldminetrain proj13
proj18 proj29 proj30 proj34 proj36
proj41 proj42 proj44 proj45 proj52
proj53 eyecandy proj53 kpt proj53 teddy proj56 proj58
proj59 proj60 proj63 proj67 proj71
proj74 proj75 proj80 proj83 proj84
proj86 proj88 roof swanpopout the swan